Save Money........While Doing Good

2018 Has been a very tough year for our family. Breast Cancer was the problem. Two of my cousins, both 59 succumbed to it, and a very, VERY close relative, 31 was diagnosed with it. She has finished chemo and radiation, and we are now keeping our fingers crossed.

This has led us to want to do something for Breast Cancer Research. Asking for donations didn’t seem right. Too many organizations are already doing that. We wanted a way to raise money while having participants receive more than they were giving. With that goal in mind, we have a mobile app that contains hundreds of discounts and coupons for a very reasonable price, while still being able to donate funds for research. By purchasing the app, you will be, “Saving Money While Doing Good.”

Where Will The Money Go?

Our goal is to donate money on a quarterly basis to organizations working on eliminating Breast Cancer. University of Pennsylvania Health System, M D Anderson, Masonic Cancer Center/Mayo Clinic, and others. So please, join me in this program and pass the word along.

Thank you,

Maureen Mason